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 Adding a image to a post


1. Login to the site
2. either find the article you want to add a image to or create a new group content / group calendar
3. If an existing post then open a "New View" or edit "Current View"
4. If a new piece of content or adding a new image to a exist click on the add image icon in the menu bar and go to 7.
5. Double click the add picture you want to replace
6. An image Properties window opens
7. Click on the "Browse Server" button
8. A File browser on the server will open
9. Navigate to your groups upload area /root/Archive/<<your group>>/yyyy/images
10. Select the "Upload" button.
11. select "Choose File" button.
12. Find and select the image you wish to upload ( .png files are better than .jpg file (jpg2png.com is a good converter site)
13. Click "Upload"
14. The file is uploaded once this is complete select the "Insert File" button
15. The Image Properties Window will now show you image
16. Formatting the Image.
1. make sure the padlock by with is closed ( click the padlock to open and close it)
2. The width must not be larger than 450 with will also calculate
3. leave border blank
4. set Vspace and Hspace both to 5
5. Set alignment to either Left Right or Centre as required
6. select the advanced tab
7. and a image title/description to the "Advisory Title" the advisory title is the text read out by screen reader software for users who have a visible impairment.
17. click OK
18. The image is now displayed in the revision
19. Check that the repeat months are set ( if no month are set the content will not display.
20. Preview and save the content as "Needs Review"

Hope this Helps

Michael Chapman | IT Support Engineer
Home Network Solutions
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